Payment methods


Available only for Spain (peninsula and Balearic Islands). It is used to pay for orders at the time they are delivered to you. There is not commission.


When ordering, we provide you with the necessary data to make the transfer. When we receive confirmation from the bank, we proceed to prepare your order. To expedite the order you can choose to make the deposit directly at a Bank Sabadell branch, thus the payment is confirmed in less time. Using this payment method a discount of 3% of the total order is applied.


The fastest way to pay for your order. The transactions are carried out by the Spanish entity Bank Santander and have all the security guarantees through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which prevents the interception of information by third parties. All the data you enter relating to your credit card is collected by the bank, at no time do we collect or process that information. Using this payment method, a discount of 1% of the total order is applied.


Another quick way to order. PayPal protects your financial data with the best security and fraud prevention systems on the market. PayPal never discloses your financial details to the seller. Commission is 3%.